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Thursday, October 19

Drunk Driving Simluation

As a part of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, try on goggles that simulate the effects of alcohol and marijuana while attempting to navigate a...


Stress is part of living and coming to college means adjusting to a new life. Learning how to better manage the changes and stress improves mood, health,...

Sports Video Game Night!

Are you a Madden or FIFA fan? The Sport Management Association is hosting a sports video game night on October 19th. We will have a Madden Tournament set up...

Pumpkin Carving & Briggs Open House

As part of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, come learn more about the Wellness House on campus (Brigss House), and enjoy a fall-filled evening...


50 questions about the televison show friends! Four people per group! 15 seconds to answer.

Thursday, October 19